This time João @JSF_Legacy will discuss the new Rails 6 feature "Database multi tenancy" that was developed inside GitHub.

And we will be happy to receive any hot Hacktoberfest ideas!

As usual, we will meet at XING and Sequra will sponsor the food.


Meetup is dead, long live onruby

As you may have heard, Meetup will charge 2€ for every RVSP from November on.

As Meetup is also a terrible tool for organizers, this was motivation enough to setup our usergroup under the umbrella. Enjoy this new tool which we will use from now on to announce and organize our meetings!

PS: we also registered a beautiful new domain for our group:

Hacktoberfest 2019

The Hacktoberfest is happening every year. With only 4 PRs on GitHub open source repos, you can win a stylish T-shirt:

Please come forward and present your own or your favorite open source repo. Try to motivate us to add a feature or fix an issue that you might have encountered yourself, or that is listed in its issues.

Database multi tenancy with Rails 6

Rails 6 was released earlier this year with built in support for multiple databases for the same application. In this talk we will focus on a few use cases of this feature, and how to implement them while hosting on Heroku. We will also discuss its drawbacks and look at the roadmap of improvements for multi database support.

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