Mob Programming Ruby

hosteado por David Vrensk en SeQura (, 16.01.2020 a las 19:00

While most of you have heard and tried "Pair Programming" only a few might have heard of "Mob Programming". We are going to change this and try it out with everyone who attends. You do not have to bring a computer, David will prepare everything.

--> Please note that we will meet at SeQura's new office this time!



Mobbing Advent of Code

We will try Mob Programming with one or two nice Advent of Code exercises. I've only read the TL;DR of mob programming, so what I mean is this:

  • I will have prepared my computer with an empty repo and some tools (Ruby 2.7 & RSpec).
  • My screen will be displayed for everybody.
  • I will sit at the keyboard but I will only type code that other people tell me.
  • I might pause (i.e., stop typing what you tell me) to ask for clarifications or protest if I think we are not solving the right problem.

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